January 2020

Radioactive Waste 433 - Researchers Develop Method To Improve The Safety And Efficiency Of Reprocessing Spent Nuclear Fuel

     Recently an important article was published in the journal Chemistry about a means of more safely and efficiently reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Nuclear energy currently produces about ten percent of the electricity in the world. However, the nuclear fuel that is used in nuclear power reactors becomes less efficient over time and needs to be replaced about every five years.

Radioactive Waste 432 - Researchers Discover That Vitrification Materials Accelerate Corrosion In Stainless Steel Nuclear Waste Storage Containers

     One of the main problems with nuclear power is how to store and dispose of nuclear waste produced by develop and manufacture of nuclear weapons. Currently, vitrification is used for permanent long-term storage of nuclear waste in underground geological repositories. Nuclear waste is mixed with other materials that form glass or ceramics when heated and then enclosed in metallic cylinders.

Best Drink Mixers

Lately I've been enjoying some Jordan's Skinny Syrups in my diet Sprite with a splash of rum or vodka to unwind, but I really like to play with different carbonated waters. New flavors are constantly being released and I'm always eager to try a new one.